I Forgot My Password


Loosing or forgetting a password can be a very frustrating experience, that is why we have made it super easy to reset it!

All that you need is the email that you use to log in and access to that email.


How to update your Sharefiath.com username and password.

  1. After you have attempted to login to Sharefaith.com using your member email address and your password. 
    Click on the "I forgot my password" link.

  2. Enter your email address then click the "submit" button.
  3. You will bet this confirmation indicating that your temporary password has been re-sent to your email. 
    Check your email, copy the password then click the login link.


  4. After you login using the temporary password that was sent to you, you will be directed to enter a new password. 
    Enter your password [1], then enter it again [2]. Click on the "submit" button and you will be taken to your "My Account" page.



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