Urgent Website Issues

Http 500 Error/ Site does not load after adding a Plugin

  • You will need to wait until Monday for us to assist you in removing your last plugin. Please submit a ticket ASAP so that we can see it first thing on Monday.

Site Not Found Error-IP Block

  • If your site is not found then it is most likely an IP block. To determine if it is, make sure that your smartphone is disconnected from your WiFi access and that Data is turned on. Then, check your site via your smartphone.
  • If you can see your site on your smartphone then you have an IP Block. Submit a ticket ASAP with your IP entered into the ticket. You can locate your IP address using this site here, What Is My IP Address Please be sure to provide the IPV4, not the IPV6.
  • If you cannot see your site on your phone it may be a domain-related issue. See the domain section.

Website Formats Incorrectly-Bad Code

  • If you have made an edit with a widget or are attempting to add a short code your site may format incorrectly. To fix this formatting, delete the added feature or code. Create a ticket with what you are trying to accomplish and we will assist you on the next business day.

Suspended Error Message

  • If you receive this message, it means that your Sharefaith Membership has expired. This is caused by either your auto-renewal failing due to an old card, or you may have turned off the automatic renewal feature.
  • To resolve this issue, you will need to renew your Sharefaith membership. To renew your Membership login to Sharefaith.com.


To Prevent this from happening in the future, follow these great guidelines

Guideline #1: Do not install any third-party plugins during the weekend. Make sure that, if you are going to upload one, you do it during our business hours. The reason for this is that any plugin that you upload will run the risk of causing issues with formatting or breaking your site and causing an error 500 rendering your site down.

Guideline #2: If you check your site and it redirects you saying that you are not able to access it, grab your smartphone, turn off the WIFI so that you are using data only. Then go to your site on your phone. If you see your site on your phone, it means that you have an IP block and your site is not down, your IP is blocked from the server.

Guideline #3: Try to keep your edits to your site until the week. This way if you accidentally delete all of your content on a page or delete a page altogether we can assist you in possibly recovering what you have deleted.

Guideline #4: If you see a white screen notification that your website has been suspended, that means that your Sharefaith Membership needs to be renewed. If this happens that means that your automatic renewal was either turned off or that your automatic renewal failed because of an issue with your card on file.



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