Domain Notification

I see another website where my site is supposed to be that looks like links to other websites.

  • This usually means that your domain is expired. You will need to renew your domain through your domain registrar. if you do not know who that is, click here and enter your domain name.
  • If your domain is with us, Submit a ticket ASAP and we will get you going first thing on Monday morning.

I see my old site or a site with a message to renew with my old provider.

  • It could be that your domain is not fully pointed to us. Make sure that your domain is pointed correctly to our nameservers. You can find the correct DNS settings for your domain name by clicking here.
  •  It could be that you did not respond to the verification email that was sent to you when you transferred your domain to us. Please review your email account and the associated SPAM folder for any communications regarding your domain name transfer.

Site not found error.

  • Verification email: If your domain brings up a blank page or a page that says there is no DNS found, this may be due to failure to follow the steps in a domain verification email.
     When a domain is renewed or purchased there is a follow-up email for verifying the registrant information. This email has a 2-week grace period, then the domain will lock if the link inside the email is not followed. In the case of a domain purchased through Sharefaith, this email will come from OpenSRS and is sent to the email address attached to the domain name. Find that email and follow the link to unlock the domain again.
  • If you cannot find the email, please create a ticket with "Site Down" as the subject and we will assist you first thing the morning of the next business day.


To prevent this from happening in the future, follow these great guidelines.

Guideline #1: Make sure that all of your billing information is up to date and correct in your Hosting Control Panel (Legacy Domain Users) and your Sharefaith Billing area (New Domain Users) or your current domain registrar. To find out who is your current domain registrar provider please 
click here.
Guideline #2: Every-time you renew there will be an email sent from your registrar or ICANN asking you to confirm your renewal. Confirm it. If you do not, your site will go down all of a sudden and possibly when we are not here to assist you.
Guideline #3 If you have an email from a domain registrar concerning renewal or expiration. First, verify that this is coming from your registration provider. Then, contact your provider, if not Sharefaith, to renew your domain.



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