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What is Modern Events Calendar Lite?


Modern Events Calendar (M.E. Calendar) Lite is a plugin by Webnus Team that allows you to manage events on your site.


How Your ShareFaith Site Uses M.E. Calendar Lite


ShareFaith Themes utilize the M.E. Calendar Lite plugin for the events. Your theme may be using the plugin for its site calendar, small groups listing, or ministry events, etc.


How to Create an Event


You add Events from the Dashboard, not directly to a page in Elementor. To create an event, click M.E. Calendar in your Dashboard menu Click Add Event



Left Content Area

  1. Add the event Title and Description.


Event Details: This section allows you to fill out all the specifics for your event.

  1. Date and Time
  2. Event Repeating
  3. Hourly Schedule
  4. Location/Venue
  5. Links
  6. Organizer
  7. Cost
  8. Sero Schema/Event Status


Right Sidebar Area

  1. Add tags
  2. Add Categories
  3. Change Event Color
  4. Add the Event's Featured Image
  5. Publish the Event


How to Create a Calendar, List, Grid (etc.) of Events


Understanding Shortcodes


A Shortcode is a technique for embedding a snippet of PHP code into the body of a page or other content item. Each Shortcode you make with M.E. Calendar Lite will display events in a chosen format (like a calendar, or list). 


To see a full list of shortcode descriptions, check out the Modern Events Calendar Site.


M.E. Calendar Lite has a Widget that you can add to any page using Elementor. The widget menu will display a list of all the shortcodes you've created.





Create a Shortcode


  1. To create a shortcode, click M.E. Calendar in your Dashboard menu Click Shortcodes Click the "Add Shortcode" button at the top of the content area.
  2. Follow the 6 Step guided prompts to create your shortcode.

    1. Step 1: Add a Shortcode Name
    2. Step 2:Choose the Layout Style of your Shortcode
    3. Step 3:Choose the Type of Style: this is the overall layout of your events (ie: a calendar, grid view, countdown view, etc.)
      1. Note, not all Layout Styles have Types - Step 3 will be skipped in those cases.
    4. Step 4:Choose your Single Event Display Method: This allows you to decide if the Event Detail page opens in a new window, or a popup modal. 
      1. Note, not all Layout Styles have Single Event Displays - Step 4 will be skipped in those cases.
    5. Step 5: Decide if you want to include Expired Events or if you only want to show Expired Events.
    6. Step 6: This step gives you the actual shortcode in code form. You won't need to copy this because you can use the M.E. Calendar Lite plugin with Elementor!
      1. You can click the blue "New Shortcode" button to immediately create another shortcode, or click the "Close" icon at the top right of the prompt.


How to Add a Shortcode to a Page


  1. Navigate to the page where you would like to add your calendar. Ex: Pages Calendar.
  2. Add the M.E. Calendar widget to a Section on the page.

  3. Select the appropriate shortcode (by Title) from the Select Type Drop-Down list in the Content Menu.



How to Create a Shortcode for a Specific Category of Events


You may want to display a list of specific events on a page. For example, you may want to show the Middle School Events on the Middle School Ministry page, or the Small Group events on your Small Groups page. You can do this by using Categories.


Add a Category to an Event


When you create an event, you add it's appropriate Categories in the Right Sidebar Area. See "How to Create an Event" at the beginning of this article for details.


To display add a Calendar, List, Grid, etc. of events by a specific Category, you need to assign that Category to the Shortcode. Here's how:


  1. To add a Category to a shortcode, click M.E. Calendar in your Dashboard menu Click Shortcodes Find the Shortcode you want to edit and click the "edit" link.

  2. Scroll down to "Filter Options" and add the appropriate Category to the Category field.

  3. Click "Update" in the right sidebar area


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