Church Websites(Sidekick): Getting Started: How to Take the Guided Tour

So, where do you begin? We have made a guided tour for you to utilize. It will help you get familiar with several key features of your website. This should automatically start when you log into your website for the first time. If it does not begin or you are so excited to get started, don't worry, you can bring it up anytime.


We highly recommend you spend some time going through the guided tour and after you have taken the tour, there is no need to worry, we have a vast amount of easy to follow tutorials for you to learn, in depth, how to build your site. 


How to take the guided tour


  1. Click on the "help" tab
  2. Click on the "Take a Guided Tour" link


  3. This pop up will appear, click on "Next".

  4. After you have read the information in each section click on the "next" button to move forward in the guided tour.



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