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What are Global Styles?


Global Styles are set up in your Site Settings. These centralized settings are applied across your site for a consistent design. 


How Your ShareFaith Site Uses Global Styles


Each ShareFaith Theme uses Global Styles to set the Colors, Fonts, Typography and Buttons Styles. 


How to Edit Your Global Styles


  1. Navigate to any Page or Template. We recommend going to your Style Guide Page. Pages find your Style Guide page click "Edit with Elementor."

    The Style Guide page has been set up with various sections that show examples of all the typography, and button styles, column gaps, and section padding.

  2. Click the top-left "Menu" icon click the "Site Settings" menu item click into any of the sub menu's to make global changes.

  3. You'll notice the left menu has now updated to the Site Settings menu. 
    1. To close without making changes you can click the "Close" iconat the top right of the menu.
    2. To make changes, click through each menu tab and apply your desired changes.
    3. To override the current styles with your new changes, click the "Update" button at the lower left of the menu. Note that individual headings, buttons, and items on your site that have specific colors or styles applied to them will not get changed by the global styles - for example, this button needs its color setting set to a "global" color here if you want it to take the site's global color:
    4. To revert back to a previous Global Style setting, open the "History" menu item and choose the correct version. Note that there is a "History" for each of the Site Settings sub menu's (ie: Global Colors, Global Fonts, etc.)


Important Template Information


There are a few templates that cannot be deleted without losing all your site's style information. These are noted as DO NOT DELETE in the title.



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