Church Websites(Sidekick): Parallax Website Design: Create Hidden Frontpage Content

If you are making use of one of our parallax templates and would like to have content that is present in your navigation menu yet hidden from your frontpage scrolling content, these quick and easy steps will walk you through that process. 


  1. While the page that you want to be hidden is in edit mode, select the more option on the bottom of the toolbar.
  2. Selecting more will cause the toolbar to expand. From this new secondary toolbar row, select the post details option which will look like a small gear.
  3. After selecting post details, you will see a dropdown menu with some checkbox options. Make sure to select the Hide page on the parallax frontpage option. Once this is done, simply click on the Save button in the toolbar to save this change.
  4. You are now all set and while this page will remain as an option in your website's navigation menu, the content will no longer display while scrolling through the frontpage of your site.


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