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Email notifications can be enabled to allow you or multiple people to receive an email notification when someone has submitted a response to one of your forms. They can also be used to send your form users receipts of their form response submission. To enable this feature, log into your logging back into your Website Editor, navigating to the page where your form resides, placing the page into edit mode, selecting the form and then choosing the edit pencil icon. Click the Form Properties button in the bottom left corner of your form or the Configure icon. In the new window that pops up, click the Email Notifications tab.



You should now see a screen that looks like this:



Selecting the Add Email button will bring up the Email Notification builder like this:



TO Field should be populated with the email address(es) you would like these notifications to be sent to or the email address placeholder you would like to use. If adding multiple email addresses, separate each instance with a comma.


FROM Field should be populated with an email address that ends with your website domain name (Email doesn't need to be a valid, actual email address); Example:

NOTE: If experiencing deliverability issues, use as value for FROM field.


SUBJECT Field should be populated with the email subject you would like to use.


MESSAGE Field should be populated with the messaging you would like to use along with all of the placeholders that you would like to be included within the email notification.


If you would like to create multiple email notifications, you can generate additional ones by selecting the ADD EMAIL button again. Once you have the email notifications that you would like to use set up, select the OK button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and then the blue Save Changes button in the bottom right of the screen.




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