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Conditional Settings allow for certain fields or questions on the form to appear based on the answer from a previous question. To create a conditional setting, click the Configure icon for the field you would like to add a condition to.

 From here, select the Conditions tab > choose “Under Certain Conditions” > “Add a Condition”. 

Once this is done, choose if you would like any or all conditions to be met, and then add your values that will represent what conditions this field or question will display under.

To add your values, choose the field (the question that needs to be answered for the field you are editing to appear), the comparison (‘equals’ or ‘is greater than or equal’ to is usually the easiest because it means you are looking for one answer to make the question appear; greater than or less than comparisons could be used when dealing with dollar amount questions), and then select the value (the value will vary based on the question/field chosen in the first drop down). 

Once you have the conditions that you would like to use set up, select the OK button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and then the blue Save Changes button in the bottom right of the screen.


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