Church Websites: Calendar: How to Create a Google Calendar For Use on Your Website

Google Calendar is the most widely used calendar. That is why we recommend that you use Google Calendar for your calendar on your website.

Before you begin please make sure that:

  • You are using the main administrator account for your Google Workspace account. (for G-Suites account holders)
  • You are using your free Google account that you made specifically for this purpose.


To Create your Google Calendar:


  1. On the Google Search page click on the "apps selector" [1] in the upper-right-hand-side of your browser window, then click the "Calendar" button. [2] 
  2. Click on the "Settings" [1] button, then on "Settings". [2]

  3. Click on "Add Calendar"[1], then on "New Calendar". [2] 

  4. The new calendar screen will appear. Fill in your calendar; "Name" [1] and "Description". [2] Then make sure your "Time zone" [3] is correct. When you are done click "Create Calendar". [4] 

  5.  Click on the calendar that you just created.

  6. You will now be taken to your Calendar Settings. Check the box labeled "Make available to public".

  7. This Warning should pop up, click "OK".

  8. Scroll down until you see the Embed Code.

  9. Click on the "Customize" link.

  10. You will now be taken to where you can style your calendar and then copy your embed code. You can change your "Calendar Title". [1] You can choose what to show or hide by checking and unchecking your; "Title" [2], "Navigation buttons" [3], "Date" [4], "Print Icon" [5], "Tabs" [6], "Calendar list" [6], and "Timezone" [7]. You can choose a default view [8] for different parts of your website. (We highly recommend that you keep with the Month view for the main calendar on your website.) And finally, you can add multiple calendars to display [9] on this calendar. (We recommend that you use only one calendar if you are going to be displaying your calendar on your mobile app.)

  11. When you are done adding or taking away the options for your calendar, (the following display creates a very clean look on your website) Click "Update HTML" [1], then select all of the "code" [2] and copy it.

  12. Now you are all ready to paste your code into your website! Please refer to the following tutorials for inserting and styling your calendar on to your website.



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