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It is always best to set your recording software up to export an mp3 with our recommended settings. However, not all recording software is set up to convert files to an mp3 format. There are various ways to convert and compress audio files to mp3 files. iTunes provides a conversion tool within their program. Follow the steps below to utilize iTunes conversion tool.


Please Note: We do not offer support for iTunes. This tutorial is meant to be an aid for your convenience to assist you in compressing your mp3's so that you can upload them to your website so they sound great and have no issues. We cannot offer support further than giving you the correct settings for your file sizes. To receive support on this system please be sure to contact iTunes.


Step 1: Setting up iTunes to convert your audio files into MP3 format.

  1. Import your file to your iTunes songs list.
  2. Right-click on your song [1], then select "Song Info".[2]

  3. Click on file. You will notice that the Kind [1] is your imported file type, (in this example it is WAV) and that your file size [2] will be very large. (we have used a smaller WAV file for this tutorial) Click OK.

  4. With your file selected, click on the "Edit" tab [1] then on "Preferences".[2]


  5. The "General Preference" menu will pop up. Click on "Import Settings".

  6. Then "Import Settings" menu will pop up. Click on the "Import Using" [1] drop-down, then select "MP3 Encoder". [2] 

  7. Click on the "Setting" [1] drop-down and select "Custom". [2] 

  8. Now the "MP3 Encoder" menu will pop up. Click on the "Stereo Bit Rate" [1] drop-down and select "48kbps". [2] 

  9. Keep the "Sample Rate*" at Auto. Click on the "Channels" [1] drop-down and select "Mono". [2] 

  10. Click "OK".


Once you have completed steps 4-10 there will be no need to repeat them for any other audio files that you wish to convert as iTunes will save it as a pre-set.


Step 2: Converting your audio files into MP3 format.


  1. Import your audio file(s).
  2. Make sure that you have your file(s) selected.
  3. Now click on the "File" [1] tab then hover over "Convert" [2] then click on "Create MP3 Version". [3] 
  4. You will now see a duplicate of your previous file(s).
  5. To make sure that the file(s) converted, right-click on your song [1], then select "Song Info".[2]

  6. Click on file. You will notice that the Kind [1] has changed to MPEG audio file and that your file size [2] is much smaller. Click OK. 
  7. That is it you are all done!



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