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This tutorial will guide you through the easiest way to create page anchors on your Sharefaith website. You should be familiar with hyperlinks and how to add them to your website. Links allow you to select the text that when click takes you to another page, anchors are similar except they allow you to be taken to a specific place on a page. Anchors are useful when you have a long page of information and want to provide a table of contents to link to certain portions of that page.


Step 1

  1. In edit mode go to the text you would like the anchor to go to. Then put your cursor one line above the text you want your anchor to be directed to.
  2. On the toolbar, click the Feature Button.
  3. Now, Click the HTML & Code Button.
    Here is where you will set the name of the anchor. For this example, I will use anchortext1 as my anchor. Each anchor must be unique, If the same anchor name is used more than once the anchor links will not work.

  4. Do not put anything in Title. Under content you will put:  (You can put whatever you want in between the quotations, just remember what it is for that section).
  5. Click Save


Step 2


  1. Go to the text you wish to link to that anchor, and highlight it.
  2. On the toolbar, click the Link button.
  3. In URL [1] you will put the URL of the page the anchor text is on, then after the link put /anchortext1 (Replace anchortext1 with your anchor word).
    For Example; Then, Click "Apply". [2]
  4. On the toolbar click the Save button



That's it! If you wish to create additional anchors on your page, just repeat the process for each anchor. Just remember to use unique anchor names for each anchor.


Please Note: We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox to edit/update your Sharefaith Church Website and Mobile App. If you are experiencing any issues with editing your Sharefaith Church Website or Mobile App, switch to one of these browsers. If the issue still persists or you are experiencing your issue while using one of these browsers contact a Sharefaith Customer Liaison Specialist by creating a new support request.





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