How to enable/disable mobile view on your Sharefaith website(Sidekick)

Each Sharefaith website comes with the a mobile responsive version that is commonly confused with a Church Mobile App


A mobile responsive website is designed for optimal viewing and experience no matter the device, make or model. So when individuals are viewing your Sharefaith website on a smartphone, tablet,  laptop or even a desktop, they will easily be able to navigate through your website without needing to zoom in or resize their screen. 



Whether you are are wanting to disable your mobile view, or it accidently got disabled, and you want to enable it, this tutorial is for you! 


1. After you have logged into your Sharefaith website, click on the Advanced Button on the bottom left-hand side of your Sharefaith website, located on the Sidekick panel.








2. Once you are in the advanced section of your Sharefaith website, click on the Sharefaith option located near the bottom left-hand side of your screen. 









3. Inside the Sharefaith Theme Options, scroll down until you find the section titled Enable Mobile. Then either check the box to enable your mobile version of your Sharefaith website or uncheck the box to disable the mobile version of your website. 





4. After you have made the appropriate changes, scroll down to the bottom of the Sharefaith Theme Options and then hit the Save Changes button. 







If you still have further questions about the mobile version of your Sharefaith website, simply contact one of our Sharefaith Member Coaches by creating a new support request ticket here. 




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