What sizes work best for images and banners?

While you can use images of any sizes for most purposes on your Sharefaith church website, there are a few select areas that require images to be certain sizes to fit best. Please note that we also recommend that all images be either: JPEG, PNG, or GIF format and 72 DPI to guarantee compatibility with your site. 


Background Images


For best results, it is recommended to use images that are 1920 x 1080 pixels for your backgrounds. Smaller images will not work as they will get distorted on higher resolution monitors. 

You can also adjust the view of your full page background in mobile views! Check out this short tutorial



Full Page Rotating Banners


For parallax templates that use full-width rotating banners that cover the whole page, you will still want to keep the image size around 1920 x 1080 but the height is flexible, based on how dramatic you want the parallax scrolling to be with the banner. The bigger the image, the less noticeable it will be and the smaller the image, the more obvious the parallax scrolling effect will be on the banner. 

You can also adjust the view of your full page banner in mobile views! Check out this short tutorial


Home Page Rotating Banners


For traditional templates that have rotating banners on the home page, or if you are wanting to create a scrolling banner on a different page, you should use images that are 1900 x 646 for high-resolution images (recommended), or 950 x 323 pixels will still work to make sure they don't get distorted. If you use a larger image, you can open it in the Sidekick graphics editor to crop the image to the proper dimensions for that banner. 



Sidebar Banners


The dimensions for the sidebar banners you can download from Sharefaith are 292 x 537 pixels



Featured Image for the Elevation Template


The recommended size for this area, if you want it to look like similar to our example, is 1024x210 or 2000x411 pixels.




Aside from these particular areas, you can use images of virtually any size on your website and it will scale down to fit the area that you are inserting it into. As a rule of thumb, we discourage uploading any image over 1920 x 1080 pixels for anything on your website since no area will need an image larger than that and larger images may not load properly or at least cause much slower page load times.






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