Sharefaith Websites(Sidekick): How to Make a Logo for Your Website

If you do not already have a logo, you can make one by following this helpful tutorial. 

First things first. 


Please Note: is a third-party website. This tutorial is to aid you in creating a transparent logo. Our Customer Liaisons are not designers so we do not offer any further support other than this tutorial.


How Big Should My Logo Be?

When you upload your logo, keep in mind to make it horizontal in appearance, like you see in the examples below. The size can be adjusted once uploaded, but to prevent yourself from overloading your website, it is best to make sure that the logo is kept under 400 pixels wide by 400 Pixes high for fast loading. 


The Key to a Great Logo!

The key to a great looking logo is to have a transparent background. This allows the website's background colors to show through the logo (rather than have a big white box around it). In the example below is a logo with a transparent background on the left and on the right is an example of a logo without a transparent background. As you can see, the logo with the transparent logo looks much more professional.





Watch this short video that will show you in detail how you can to create a logo with your church name in it using





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