How to Setup Your Email to View in Different Email Clients and Devices (cPanel)


Please note that these tutorials are meant to be an aid for your convenience to assist you in creating an email account and connecting your emails in your preferred email client. We cannot offer support further than giving you the correct settings for your email. To receive support in this system, please be sure to contact your email client/software provider. (these settings are also for printers and scanners) If you do not see your email client/software listed, please utilize the information for the required settings listed below and contact your email client/software provider for further instructions on how to complete your set up.


Please read the important information in the box above.

While you can always view your emails by going directly to your webmail, if you would prefer to view those through a third-party email client, this guide will walk you through how to get the necessary settings to make that connection. Setting up email clients is a precise process and all email clients differ in where information is stored. Do not skip any steps as they could result in your emails not being sent or received.

(Some client-specific settings may be automatically set by your client or require additional configuration not covered in this tutorial)




  1. Log into your Hosting Control Panel using this guide here, How to Log Into Your Hosting Control Panel
  2. From your cPanel account, select the Email Accounts option within the Email area.
  3. From the new area, find the email address that you are wanting to connect to a third-party email client and then click on the Connect Devices option to the right.
  4. The next screen that appears will have all of the settings that you will need to add to your third-party email client to finalize this connection. Primarily, your Outgoing and Incoming servers will need to be set as mail.domainname where domainname is the domain name associated with your email services. You will also have the option to email these settings to any email address.



Once again, please note that providing these settings is the extent of the support we can provide for configuring your 3rd Party email programs. Any further assistance is provided by the support team of the product you are using.




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