Filtering Overview



The new Sharefaith Media library offers our users unprecedented refinement and personalization of their browsing experience. By understanding the capabilities covered in this article, you will be able to quickly navigate our incredible, vast array of resources with the utmost efficiency.



TIP: Unhappy with your current filtering or wish to return to the default view? Simply click the HOME or X Reset Filters (Home) menu options and all filtering will be reset to their default state!



Display Layout

Category Sliders


The Sharefaith Media Library organizes each Category of assets row-by-row within an easily navigable carousel/slider. Each Category Slider displays our most recently added assets for any given category. You can either click the arrows placed to the left and right of each slider to cycle through the available options, so simply click on the slider's category title to view all assets of the category in a scrollable list.





The Sidebar Menu offers you the ability to filter your returned results by either Audience (Media or Kids) or Type (Videos, Graphics, Print, Photos, Curriculum, Games, VBS)





Filtering by Audience


As shown in the image above, the Category Sliders displayed will vary based on your Audience selection.


Filtering by Media Type


As shown in the image above, the Category Sliders displayed will also vary based on your Media Type selection. 


TIP: The Media Type dropdown selector in the Search Bar will also dynamically change as a result of your Media Type filtering. Your "one-two punch" for navigating to your desired assets should always be: 1. Filter by Audience and Media Type via the Sidebar Menu. 2. Enter your desired query in our newly revamped Search Bar to hone in even more specifically on the assets on that suit your organization's needs.



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