How to Build Your Sharefaith Mobile App From Start to Finish

Follow the steps in order, and you will have your App up and running in no time!

Click the blue text to be directed to the appropriate tutorial that will assist you in fulfilling that task.


The Sharefaith App:

App Designer Overview

How to Access Your App Builder: Elementor

How to Access Your App Builder: Sidekick


Name and Description:



How to Change the Theme Color

Image Size Requirements

How to Add a Stock Image to Your Mobile App 

How to Upload a Custom Image

How to Take a Screenshot


Going Live:

Click the Publish App to Store Button, after you have done this, sit back and relax and let our Sharefaith Church Mobile App development team do the rest! The expected time for approval will take 5-10 business days. During this time our development team will go through you new App then send it out for approval.  Be sure to keep checking your email often as they may have questions for you regarding your App and the Content in it. Once this process is completed, your brand new Sharefaith Church Mobile App will be available for all to download for free.



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