How to Add Your App Name, Icon Title, Keywords and Description

Read the descriptions of what the App Name, Icon Title, Keywords and Description are to gain a better understanding of each section. Then Watch the short video tutorial to discover more about how to add your content into them.


Description Definitions:


Name of App - This is the name of your app, as it appears on Google and Apple’s App Stores. It is important that you choose a name that is not already taken. For instance: Choosing a Name like "Community Church" Will most likely not work, whereas choosing a name like "(your street name) Community Church" or "(the name of your city) Community Church" would be most likely to not be taken. You can check the Apple APP Store and The Google Play Store, to see if the name you want is available.


Icon Title -  This text will display underneath your icon when installed on a device, so this should be the name of your Ministry.


Keywords -  These words are the terms your members will use to find your app within the app stores. Individual words or phrases must be separated by a comma. Use unique words specific to your ministry, as words like “church” are too generic.


Short Description - Briefly describe the purpose of the app within your ministry. This will display within the stores. This description must say something about what the app does. A sample description is provided.




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