How to Add a Sermon Section

Giving your church family the ability to listen and watch your sermons and series quickly and easily is one of the great benefits of having your Sharefaith Church Mobile App and with your free Sermon Cloud account, you can quickly get this set up. If you have not yet created your free Sermon Cloud account, we highly recommend that you do so first by following this guide, Create a Free Sermon Cloud Account




  1. From within the App Builder, select the +Add button
  2. Next, choose the Sermon Cloud tile
  3. Now that the Sermon Cloud section has been added, fill out the necessary information to ensure that it gets connected to your Sermon Cloud account
    1. Name: By default, the section will be titled "Sermon Cloud" but you can adjust the title if you would like.
    2. Layout: There are two layout options available, simply select the one that you prefer.
    3. No Account Yet?: If you have not already set up a Sermon Cloud account, you can use this button to be redirected to the Sermon Cloud site and get that started.
    4. Sermon Cloud URL: Add the URL for your Sermon Cloud account to ensure that the app gets connected. The URL should have a structure similar to the following: Once this is connected, you will see new options where you can choose to limit which Preacher or Series show in this app section.
    5. Notification Delay: You can use this filed to apply a delay for notifications of new content if you would like.
  4. Once you have connected your Sermon Cloud account and chosen your selected settings, just click on the Save button. As mentioned within the App Builder, please be aware that changes to the sermons may take up to a few hours to update.










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