How to Take a Screenshot

Okay, so if you are checking this tutorial out for the first time, Congratulations!! You are on the last step you need to do before publishing your Sharefaith Mobile App!

If you are viewing this and have not done the other required steps listed in our How to Build Your Sharefaith Mobile App Walkthrough Tutorial, please do not try to work ahead. 

Follow the steps in that tutorial. You will be thankful that you did!



What are the screenshots for?

Screenshots are used by the App Store and Google Play to show potential users looking to download the app what it looks like and gives a taste of what the app will do. In order to submit the app, you need to have 3-5 screenshots from your app of different sections to show the kind of content the app has. Screenshots can only be taken of sections that have content in them, so make sure you have content in at least 3 sections (Newsletter, Messages, Blog, Connect) before taking screenshots.


Now that you have a better understanding, check out this short video on how to take screen shots for your Google Play and App Store, Mobile App description page.




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