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The new Sharefaith Media interface offers a much more robust browsing experience to our members. Whether you're seeking a specific asset or simply seeking inspiration, understanding how Sharefaith Media curates the rich media and materials available to our members will ensure the efficacy of your partnership with us and our team.




The Sidebar Menu can be used to easily select from various categories of Media or Kids materials via the Kids and Media slideouts, while also granting you the ability to filter your returned results by Type or Audience.




Media/Kids Slideouts


Hovering over either of the primary Sidebar categories of Media or Kids will display the category's respective slideout menu, allowing you quickly jump to your subcategory of choice



Media Library and Product Pages


Like a trail of breadcrumbs, the Breadcrumb Menu allows you to a convenient means of viewing and visiting an asset's Audience Media Type Category Product Page.



Product Properties


By scrolling down past an asset's previews, you are not only presented with another means to easily identify its Audience, Media Type, and Category, but you are also  given its Description alongside a list of clickable Keywords.



"More From Series"


The final section of an asset's product page is dedicated to sharing the other media/kids assets within our library that belong to its Series.


The "More From Series" feature is great for event planning, as you can easily identify and obtain a design in as many formats as you require!



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