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Accessing a massive library of 90,000+ media and kids ministry assets is no easy ask! Accessing it two or more times to track down that "perfect" item you saw months ago? Forget about it! By following the steps covered below and leveraging the My Collections feature you'll ensure that every media/kids asset that catches your eye throughout your journey is only a "heartbeat" away.



Adding/Removing an Asset from My Collections

Favoriting an Asset


Each Media or SharefaithKids asset of the library displays with a cute, little favorite icon both when displayed in the gallery carousels or on its dedicated product page. Simply click this icon and the subsequent Add to Collection button to save the items that catch your eye for later!




Unfavoriting an Asset


To remove an asset from My Collections, you need simply click its Favorite Icon displayed in any of the following 3 locations: gallery carousel, asset-specific product page, or My Collections page.



Viewing My Collections

Profile Menu


The My Collections is always at your fingertips! Simply click on your Profile Bubble in the upper-right of your screen, and the My Collections link will be displayed.




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