Sharefaith Graphics Designer: Graphics Designer Overview

In order to provide a convenient means of editing our media assets outside of downloading them and bringing them into a third-party image editing software, we have added the Sharefaith Graphics Designer. When selecting Media assets that have this option available, you will see a purple Customize button that will allow you to access this tool.


Here is a quick overview of the features you will have access to with the Graphic Designer tool:


To begin with, most media items will be broken down into multiple different layers. To ensure that you are adjusting the correct portion of the media item, such as the background image or the title text, first ensure that you select the associated layer by clicking on it, which can be found on the far right of the display.

Once you have the correct layer selected, you will find the various tools available in the left sidebar.

  • The Move tool,, will allow you to select elements of the media item and drag them to different locations.

  • The Text tool,, will allow you to add new text to the image as well as edit the existing text.

    If adding new text, choose the tool and then select where on the image you would like to add that. Once done, simply type what you would like to appear using the settings in the top bar to adjust the font type, text size, color, etc.

    If adjusting existing text, first select the Text tool and then click on the text that you would like to edit.
  • The Hand tool,, is used to move images across a canvas. As our images already fill the canvas, this tool will not function normally, but if you switch the tool to rotation mode, you will be able to rotate the media item as a whole.
  • The Zoom tool,, allows you to zoom in or out of the media item.


If you feel comfortable with image editing software as a whole, there are Advanced Tools that can be accessed by selecting the blue Advanced Mode button. This feature is not available on all plan types so if you do not have this option but would like to consider adding it, please feel free to reach out to our Sales team to review options for upgrading your plan type.


Once you have made all of the changes you would like, or are ready to save your project and make more changes later, you can access the File menu.


From the File menu, you will be able to:

  • Save to My Account: This saves the changes you have made so far and provides you with a copy that can later be accessed from the My Designs section of your Sharefaith account so that you can make further changes.
  • Resize: This will automatically resize the media item to fit various specifications such as a Facebook post or an Instagram image. Depending on the option selected and how drastically this changes the overall image size, you may need to do some reformatting in order to achieve the desired appearance. If using Twitter or Facebook formatting, you will have the option to share the image using the steps outlined here.
  • Download: This will give you the option to download the image file in various different formats such as .png, .jpeg, or PDF
  • Open from My Designs: This will take you to the My Designs section of your account where you can access any previously saved designs.
  • Reset: This will undo all changes you have made and restore the image to its original version.






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