How To Search & Navigate Sharefaith Kids

There are multiple convenient ways to navigate Sharefaith Kids. 


1. My Account

After logging in, select “MY ACCOUNT” from the top right corner of 



This will take you to your Sharefaith Dashboard. From here, select Sharefaith Kids.



After selecting “Sharefaith Kids” you’ll be taken to “My Sharefaith Kids.” From here you can navigate to the Sunday School Lesson Library and the VBS Program Library



2. Product Drop Down Menu

After logging in, select the “Products” drop down menu on Then, select “Sunday School Lessons” or “Vacation Bible School” to navigate to your downloadable content.



3. Search & Sidebar

At the top of your Sharefaith “My Account” Dashboard you’ll find a “Quick Media Search” bar. This will allow you to search your lesson library and all Sharefaith Media.



Filtering Results: It is very important to set your filter using the blue filter drop-down when using the search tool. This will ensure that you find the exact type of resource you’re looking for!


Sidebar Search: After completing a search using the “Quick Media Search” you’ll be taken into the Kids lesson library. Continue to search using the search box in the black sidebar or navigate using the sidebar category links. Filtering is important when using the sidebar search as well. 




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