How to Add a Calendar Section


A great feature about your Church App is the ability to add a Calendar.



To add a Calendar Follow these short steps:


  • In the App builder, click on the Add Button.

  • Now, click on the Calendar Button.

  • From here you can Edit the Name of the section. If you have several Calendars you can select which one you would like to display.

  • Click save and You are done!

  • To add Calendar that is not on your website select "other" instead of selecting a calendar in the drop-down menu.

  • Visit the Google Calendar website and click the Gear (Settings) icon Settings

  • Within the left-most menu, navigate to and click the calendar that you wish to connect to your app, click the "Integrate Calendar" menu item, and, lastly, select and copy your desired calendar ID:

  • Paste the Calendar ID in the Calendar ID section.

  • Now click Save and you are all done!


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