Sharefaith Presenter: Using Presenter: Toolbar Overview


Click on one of the Images below for a quick overview of what that slide does.




  • Insert Video Button
    • This button allows you to insert a video that you have downloaded onto your computer into your presentation

  • Sharefaith Media Button
    • This Button allows you to access our database of PowerPoints, Stock Photos, Backgrounds, Worship Loops, and Welcome Loops.

  • Bible Library Button
    • This button allows you to insert a scripture or multiple scriptures into your Presentation.
      • Available translations for this function are; 
        • English: English Standard Version, New Living Translation, King James Version, American Standard Version, Young's Literal Translation, World English Bible, and Darby Bible
        • Spanish: Reina-Valera 1909
    • You can also customize your fonts as well as whether your Scripture address will show up before or after your Scripture.
  • Group and Ungroup Video Button
    • These buttons allow you to do as follows;
      • Group Video Button allows you to Group slides onto a Video Background so that you can do text over video.
      • Ungroup Video Button allows you to separate the slides in the grouped video back out so that you can add/remove slides and add, remove, or fix the text.

  • Edit Group Slide Button
    • This button allows you to quickly adjust the animation and timing of the group slides without ungrouping.

  • Clean Slide Button
    • This button will completely remove all of the slides from a grouped slide, remove your countdown timer, and Bible verses from a side as well.

  • Time Countdown Button
    • This button allows you to build a custom countdown timer to display in your presentation.

  • Insert Lyrics Button
    • This Button will allow you to insert a song by utilizing your membership to Song Select.

  • Settings Button
    • This Button allows you to adjust the settings for inserting text, grouping effects, your slide Shows, Bible Verses as well as you General settings for Sharefaith Presenter.

  • Help Button
    • This is where you can enter "debug mode", Update your Sharefaith Presenter to the newest version and be connected to your login screen for Legacy Presenter users.

  • Sharefaith Presenter Button
    • This button will take you straight to our Presenter page on our website. From there you can purchase additional licenses, browse media, and click on support to view our tutorials.



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