Sharefaith Presenter: Troubleshooting: Tips

The Sharefaith Presenter worship presentation plugin for PowerPoint has many different traits and integrates with other great resources, which also means that there are a few different things that should be checked if you find yourself running into any difficulties.


Entering Debug Mode


If you are running into general error popups while trying to do certain things or don't quite understand the error that you're getting, there is a special hidden feature in Sharefaith Presenter, called Debug Mode. Debug Mode will provide a more detailed error that our support team can analyze for you to help you understand the issue and get it resolved. To enter Debug Mode, do the following:



  1. Go to the Sharefaith Presenter tab in PowerPoint.
  2. Click on the Help Button
  3. On your keyboard, press and hold Ctrl +Shift + D together
  4. You should get a popup window informing you that you are now in Debug Mode
After you are in Debug Mode, repeat the steps you took to produce the original error popup and it should now appear with much more detailed information. While the new error is displaying, press and hold Ctrl + C to copy the message (there is no need to highlight anything) and it will copy to your clipboard. Then, paste the message, using Ctrl + V in an email or chat with one of our Customer Care team members and they will be able to assist you further.
To exit Debug Mode, simply open the Help window again and click the red text at the top right to turn it off.


Installation Issues


If you find yourself running into installation issues, the primary issue is related to your computer's date and time settings. The first thing to try in this situation is checking the clock on your computer carefully to make sure that your date, time, and time zone are all accurate. If even one of these is off, then the software will not be able to make a request to our activation server. The best thing to do is go to your internet time settings and sync with one of the internet time servers to ensure accuracy.


If that doesn't fix the issue, enter Debug Mode and try to install again to see if it gives a more detailed error and then send that to our Customer Care team for further assistance.


We have had issues in the past installing with Norton antivirus running and had to have the member install after temporary turning off Norton. Keep this in mind with any antivirus.


Sharefaith Presenter Tab Disappears from PowerPoint


If Sharefaith Presenter disappears from PowerPoint, follow the steps from this tutorial to re-enable it. If the tab keeps disappearing, run an update within Sharefaith Presenter to make sure you have the latest version. If the problem still persists from there, contact our Customer Care team for further assistance.


SongSelect Troubleshooting


If you're having difficulties accessing or using your SongSelect account, the most common issue is caused by incorrect time settings on the computer, but if that is correct then they need to contact SongSelect to get the correct credentials for their account.


Updater Troubleshooting


If you're having difficulties updating your Presenter software from versions 2.4.5 or 2.4.7 then use this download to fix the permissions issue: Fix Permissions tool   Once downloaded, right click on the file and extract all (or unzip) then run the file: 


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