Sermon Detail Widget

About Sermon Widgets

The Sermon Widgets help you add dynamic sermons to your pages via the Ekklesia 360 Ministry Content Plugin. 

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Sermon Detail Widget

This is a singular Sermon listing that will show the details of the current Sermon. Sermon Layout, Sermon List, and Sermon Featured Widgets can all be linked to a Page utilizing the Sermon Detail Widget to dynamically show the current Sermon.


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Content Tab
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Toggles to format the content displayed for the sermon. 

  1. Recent Sermons: Select a recent sermon as an example to style/setup. Since this is the sermon detail landing page this sermon will be replaced with the linked sermon.
  2. Show Image
  3. Show Video Link with Image: Requires "Show Image" to be selected.
  4. Show Video Player Popup
  5. Show Audio Inline
  6. Show Audio Player Popup
  7. Show Audio Download
  8. Show Notes Download
  9. Show Title
  10. Show Date
  11. Show Category
  12. Show Group
  13. Show Series
  14. Show Preacher
  15. Show Passage
  16. Show Meta Headings
  17. Show Content
  18. Open in Full Screen: The video/audio popup to be a full-screen.

Style Tab

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Use the following options to style your Sermon Detail Widget.


  1. Title Color
  2. Title Typography
  3. Meta Color
  4. Meta Typography

  5. Content Typography  
  6. Content Color
  7. Link Color  
  8. Link Color Hover  
  9. Previous Link Typography
  10. Alignment
  11. Element Spacing
  12. Media Border Radius

Advanced Tab

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Learn more about this tab in the Elementor Academy: Advanced Tab.


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