Event Calendar Widget

About Event Widgets

The Event Widgets help you add dynamic events to your pages via the Ekklesia 360 Ministry Content Plugin. 

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Event Calendar Widget

This is an active calendar view that shows all events from a monthly view. The calendar can be filtered to show a specific category and/or group.


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Content Tab
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Toggles to format the content displayed for the event calendar. 

  1. Category
  2. Group
  3. Number of Months
  4. Featured Only: Event can be "Published as Featured" when created in Ekklesia 360. If this is selected the Non Featured Only option does not apply.
  5. Non Featured Only: If this is selected the Featured Only option does not apply.

Detail Options

  1. Event Detail Page: URL of event detail page. If used will add a link to the calendar titles to take the user to the event detail page. Requires the "Event Detail" widget to be placed on a page and that page url/slug placed in this field.

Style Tab

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Use the following options to style your Event Calendar Widget.


  1. Pagination Heading Color
  2. Calendar Border
  3. Day Color
  4. Day Background
  5. Event Text Color
  6. Link Color
  7. Link Color Hover

Advanced Tab

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Learn more about this tab in the Elementor Academy: Advanced Tab.


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