Article Layout Widget

About Article Widgets

The Article Widgets help you add dynamic articles to your pages via the Ekklesia 360 Ministry Content Plugin. 

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Article Layout Widget

This is a filterable archive of all available articles from Ekklesia 360. Using the settings of the module, you can choose categories and groups as well as how many per page should be displayed. You can also choose parts of the article to display, offering different amounts of information.


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Content Tab

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Layout Settings

Toggles to format the content displayed for the article layout. 

  1. Column Count: Set how many columns will be displayed, from 1 to 6
  2. Show Images
  3. Show Inline Video: If this is selected and you would like the image to be a fallback when no video is available make sure to select "Show Images".
  4. Show Inline Audio
  5. Show Media Links: Each Article can have 1 image, 1 video, 1 audio file, and 1 document associated with it.
  6. Show Title
  7. Show Date
  8. Show Category
  9. Show Group
  10. Show Series
  11. Show Author
  12. Show Meta Headings
  13. Show Preview
  14. Detail Button Text: Button will display if text is entered and a detail page selected.
  15. Article Detail Page: URL of article detail page. If used will add a link to the heading to take the user to the article detail page. Requires the "Article Detail" widget to be placed on a page and that page url/slug placed in this field.
  16. Sticky Header Spacing: This pixel setting is used when your site has a sticky header or navigation to allow a spacing from the sticky element from overlapping the filters when scrolling.

Filter Settings

  1. Parent Category: Defines which level 1 category to use as a base for the layout.
  2. Show Category Filter
  3. Category Filter Parent: Defines which level 2 category for this specific filter. If selected will show the next level of categories as select options. If a Parent Category is selected above make sure to select a child category of that parent.
  4. Category Filter Heading
  5. Add Category Filter: Toggle to include more filter dropdown options and select the category and heading. A total of 4 Category filters can be defined.
  6. Show Group Filter
  7. Group Filter Heading
  8. Show Series Filter
  9. Series Filter Heading
  10. Show Author Filter
  11. Author Filter Heading
  12. Show Search
  13. Search Placeholder
  14. Show Pagination
  15. Count Per Page

Detail Options

Coming Soon


Style Tab

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Use the following options to style your Article Layout Widget.

Filter Styles

  1. Filter Background
  2. Input Background
  3. Input Border Color
  4. Input Border Radius
  5. Input Color
  6. Input Typography

Content Styles

  1. Title Color
  2. Title Typography
  3. Meta Color
  4. Meta Typography

  5. Media Typography
  6. Preview Typography  
  7. Preview Color
  8. Link Color Hover  
  9. Alignment
  10. Button Alignment  
  11. Element Spacing
  12. Media Border Radius

Advanced Tab

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Learn more about this tab in the Elementor Academy: Advanced Tab.


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