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Live Stream Options

Which live stream services do you use to broadcast your message to the world? Do you currently live stream your services online?

If you're just starting to get your feet wet with live streaming and want to gauge your congregation's interest, you can check out this article in Sharefaith Magazine to see how you can use Google Hangouts as a free live stream service that's easy to use. 

Live streaming is a great way for your congregation to catch a service, even when they can't make it due to illness, traveling, etc. Let us know if you have any other services you recommend to others, as well.

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We don't currently livestream, although we might in the future. Right now I record all of our sermons and upload them to YouTube. I'm also setting up a new website. I noticed that the sermon browser doesn't let me input an embed code. It requires an .mp3 file to be uploaded.

This is annoying because the sermons plugin on our old site (which also uses WordPress) allows me to do this. I may have to install that plugin.

Hello Ben,

Since the player also acts as a podcast player, it is required to add a mp3 file for your podcast feed, before you can add any additional resources such as a YouTube video, notes file, etc. Once you have added the mp3 file, you can simply include the URL to the YouTube video and it will allow visitors to click the "Watch" icon to call the YouTube video up in another window on your site. 

Alternatively, you can embed the YouTube video directly to the page, via the Embed HTML option under "Insert Sharefaith Feature..." in your editing toolbar. 

Well it's not as hard as I expected to create an mp3 from the video file. So I started putting both on there. That gives the user the option of which one he wants to use.


Is there a video player that allows me to add the notes files and other info without adding an .mp3? I've essentially given up on the podcasting part of it. I made an audio clip that tells people "Thanks for checking us out", but would really rather not have to have the audio part on the page. has put out an awesome free resource to help churches with online streaming. It's a web portal that allows you to post notes, have live chat, etc. 

This is the plugin that I have used in the past, it lets you either insert the link or an embed code for the video. It is also fully customizable.


Pastor Mike, thank you for the link to Church Online Platform. That definitely looks like an excellent resource. However, to clarify, in looking at their Features page, it appears that you would still have to subscribe with a third party service to do video streaming, but they provide an online platform to broadcast through.

Overall, it looks like they are aiming to provide a solid free resource to churches to allow further means to minister over the internet, which is fantastic and we here at Sharefaith are also working on new features and capabilities for our users to do this more effectively, as well. With the mobile app, we're going to make some big steps in that direction as it will allow you to more effectively communicate with anyone who has your app with your sermons, blog posts, devotionals, event updates, prayer requests, etc. Needless to say, we are very excited for all of this. 

Please continue to offer any tips or suggestions you have for live streaming services as that is why we have this open community discussion. Blessings!

We've used YouTube for embedded live streaming. Then when you are done you can archive the stream (the legally archivable portions) on YT for later retrieval. There are some distinct disadvantages to using YouTube - like the inability to create recurring events requiring manual event creation and setup for each service. And the possibility that unless you cover your broadcast properly for Copyrights, you can have your media suspended or removed until proof of permission to stream or archive is provided.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what the mobile app has to offer! Being able to consolidate services  and keeping as much under one roof as possible is always a plus!

In regards to video playlists, if you are using YouTube to host your sermon videos, our sites will now allow you to embed YouTube playlist URLs on your site. This will allow visitors to access and play any videos that you have on your YouTube channel's playlist.

I have a question about embedding the YouTube playlists URLs. Is there a way I can design the page so the URLs show similar to the sermon player? We'll be livestreaming from YouTube, but we'd like our visitors to be able to access archived sermons by clicking a link, etc.


To answer Afi Scruggs question -- I have embedded our Youtube Video Playlist here if you want to check it out this example... It's quite simple.

You can find out the specifics here:

Blessings  - hope this helps!

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