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editing css

I'd like to customize the css for my website some. I tried to go to /hp_wordpress/wp-admin/theme-editor.php, but it says "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page." Is there a way I can get access to that or style.css? Thanks

I realize this comment thread is old but I just downloaded and installed jet pack and cannnot figure out where to edit the css for a given page. any help?

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Hello Ben,

We intentionally limit how much can be changed with CSS since there are so many delicate theme settings that can be disrupted. The safest way to edit CSS would be within the Jetpack plugin. You can go to your website's advanced dashboard and then go to Plugins > Add New and search for Jetpack to install and activate it. Jetpack requires you to create a free account to use, but has many useful tools, including the ability to edit CSS.

Maria you still think you could help with a little coding? 

Hey Jason did you ever customize your site like you wanted to? 

No, never tried it

I am interested in doing this as well... I want a map, service times, maybe a twitter feed or email form as well. All simple enough to add but not in the footer section.....

Is there any new updates regarding the CSS editor? I installed JetPack but once I go to the Appearance and select Edit CSS, it takes me to the site editor and not the CSS editor. Please help!

I have some styles that are most likely from Sharefaith, and others from a plug-in. So are you saying you had to figure which was applied, and adjust the CSV for that?
Oops...not CSV but CSS :)

Did you figure out why it reverted? I am also trying to do some custom editing....

I was going to try this, but I want to make sure I'm doing this right. I've installed JetPack, and have the CSS editor opened. Would I then copy the current CSS file into it, and then edit it? Also if I do that will it be replaced every time Sharefaith updates with a new update? I love the ease of use Sharefaith provides with the site layout, and ability to drag and drop content in, but there's just few things I wouldn't mind changing.

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