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Church App - Snapshots

 Anyone having any trouble creating and saving Screenshots in the Church App builder? I've tried in both Chrome and Firefox. It shows 3 screenshots each for both Phone and Tablet, but the header still shows the exclamation point rather than the check mark. As a result, I can't move on to Public the app.

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I have not encountered this problem. I use both Firefox and Chrome as well. Are you screen shots updating with current content?


Was your issue ever resolved?


Roger, Once you have at least 4 screenshots in each it will remove the exclamation point and let you submit if all other areas area also complete.

Let us know if you have any issues after completing all items.

The only screen shots that it is showing for me to "snap" are "Connect" and "Messages."  We only plan to have four active pages at this time on the app: Connect, Message, Location, and inbox.  It does not let me take a screen shot of "Location" and "Inbox," so what should I do to move forward?

Barry, this not related to anything in the last 2 years. I think you have responded to the wrong support incident.
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