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Popup window

Is there a way to have a "link" that will just pop up a small window on the same page with more "information" rather than linking to an entire different page?

like the google calendar does if you click on an event - just a small box that pops up and gives more information??

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This would have to be done with a third party plugin. I'm looking at this one for my site, though I'm hesitant to purchase it since I'm not sure if it will work with Sharefaith's system or not.

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 I also have the same question. I would like to add a subscription pop up to our home page.

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I also have the same question. I would like to have some popups on the home page when you click on different links (instead of taking them to another page for a paragraph of text). 

Can anyone from Sharefaith verify if would work?

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