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Download flyers and edit text

I just downloaded a flyer but am unable to download it into an application. How do I do that and edit the information on the flyer?

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Hi Jason. You should be able to just download the Word or Publisher format and then open it up with one of those software programs. We don't guarantee compatibility with other programs like Open Office. If you are having trouble, please let us know which flyer its regarding, what file format you are downloading it in, and what software you're trying to open it in.

hie I cant post my downloaded flyer onto facebook, whatsapp so whats the point of subscribing to your company

To use your flyer on Facebook, you should be able to export it as a PDF file once you are done editing the information.  A PDF file will display in Facebook. If you aren't sure how to do this, this link should be helpful.

You can also download and edit an image and then save it as a .jpg to use on facebook.  You can do this with an image editing program such as photoshop.  If you don't have one, you can use for free.  This will allow you to add text and other images (like a logo) to the image.

I could have sworn I commented on this...oh well.

There are two ways you can publish a flyer from Sharefaith on your Facebook page (or anywhere you might want them).  The first is to convert it to a pdf.  Here is one link for help with that:  A pdf is the most versatile format for a document.  

The second is to use an image instead and use an image editor to add the text you want.  If you don't have something like Photoshop, there is an amazing online tool called that will allow you to upload your image, place text, and save it back to your computer.  Then you can use it for a cover or event photo or wherever you want on Facebook.

Hie I am finding sharefaith very unuser friendly. I have an ipad and I just can't edit flyers at all. More so I am paying £40/month.I am getting really frustrated with this.
I am using an ipad and I just cannot edit your flyers in order to put my church events and I am really getting impatient as I am paying my subscription.
You have to guarantee compatibility because i am not assesing this for free or else you have to refund all my subscriptions

Hello Mark,

Our products are tested on desktop versions of Microsoft Word and Publisher. Our products have not been tested through the iPad applications for these, but please let us know which format you are using and we will be happy to look into this. 

Still having the frustration of downloading a file and the format not transferring. I spend so much time 'fixing' the newsletter, that I could have created one from scratch.  Please help!


Ginger, what program are you trying to use to edit the information?  Can you provide your Operating System and Software?  I'm a graphic designer and can probably give you some good tips to make things easier.

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