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Church App - Posts Don't Show All Content

I finally got our church app published, but I've notice a few problems. First one is some of the posts I created for the news letter, contain embeded YouTube video. When the post is opened on the church app, it shows the embed code, instead of the video. Is there a method to create the embeded video for both a web browser and the app?

Hello Jason! Unfortunately, the embed codes won't display through the iOS or Android interface. Instead, simply include a link to the video in the post so that app users can simply tap the link and have it open the video either in their YouTube app or their phone browser.


Is this still the case? If so when will this be fixed? This is a very bad user experience to make people go an extra step. I understand it's an app but this seems like such a basic feature to have. Also why is this? Regular wordpress has this feature and the app runs off a wordpress

Hey Dom,

Thank you for writing in. Are you asking about linking a YouTube video into the app? It now has a link section so when it is clicked it would open the YouTube app on the users phone and go to the video. If you have other questions I would suggest going to and submit a ticket, we'd be happy to help you out! 

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