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More Customizable Mobile App Pages

I defiantly would like to see more mobile pages customization. I have 3rd party live stream and podcast providers that we us for our own reasoning and right now I have no way to insert them through embedded code. Also why not give me an option to edit pages straight from the app tab instead of trying to create a post with a category tag? 

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I agree that more customization would be very beneficial as we also use a 3rd party live stream service.  Right now, I added the link to our live stream within the "newsletter" we have posted for our service.

The font size either NEEDS to be customizable in the app by the user or just increased. I haven't yet advertised the app to my church because this is a huge issue. Relative to this is the Mobile pic from the blog page that is stationary and takes up half of the page on cell. This makes the blog essentially unreadable as well. As for an additional feature, providing a link to the live stream services would be great! Thanks!

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Different fonts and color schemes would be great to be able to implement.

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I have changed the title of the "More" page to "Main" page and added buttons (icons) for calendar, donate, etc.  I would LOVE for this to be the landing page when someone opens the app.  Please like this idea if you agree this would make the app more user friendly.

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