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I create power point slide shows each week for our church worship service.  I download these onto a USB flash drive and tae them to church and plug into that computer.   When I include one of your videos  in the program they will not play on the church computer.  The church computer is not connected to the internet.  Is this my problem or do I need some addition to the church computer in order for your videos to play?

Thank You


I have the same situation as Barbara in the comment above. Our church doesn't have internet. I have to download information at home on flash drive and then bring to the church computer. Please let me know how I can download the video so I can play it at our church.


The issue could be in the format of the video that you are trying to play or your version of PowerPoint that you have. Most members have an issue trying to play MP4's when they have the 2010 version of PowerPoint and have not downloaded the K-lite codec pack.

Here is a link to the K-Lite codec pack.,1.html

Please make sure that you install only the codec pack for the version of PowerPoint that you have (e.g. 32bit, 64bit)

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