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calendar for app

is there any way to add the google calendar I have attached to the web site to the app? 

Also, I use Vimeo to upload the sermon videos, can they be added to the app, or attached to the sermon tab?

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I would agree. Now that our app is in the hands of the users that is the most frequent request I am hearing. They are accustomed to using it on the website and are asking for it on the app.

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We just started Sharefaith.  I am just now setting up the app.  I am actually quite disappointed.  There should absolutely be a link to the calendar on the app.   In fact, I was telling people about the app potential and they (yes- multiple individuals)- made the comment - "It Will really  be nice to get to the calendar easily through an app on the phone". 

I see that this issue has been requested for quite some time.  Is there any resolution or work around to it?


I agree, this is an important feature that needs to be added as a native integration.

However, there is a work around. Create a section on your app that says Calendar and create a blog post categorized as newsletter to show in that section. In the blog post, create a link to your calendar. In our case, we use Google calendar, so the link was pretty simple.

Sarah- I am not sure I am completely following your method here.  I am very new to this and still developing the app.  Which section did you rename to "Calendar"?  I assume it is either "Newsletter" or "Blog" and if so, does it remove the functionality of that section for newsletters and blog posts?  We use Google Calendar as well, so I would love to figure out how you made this work.


This would be a great feature to add to the App. While the app program is very useful, it is also very simple in use and did not offer a lot of value to us yet. Tools like this would make it more useful to our congregation. 

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Sorry, I didn't explain this very well.

Yes, I renamed the Newsletter section and created a blog entry categorized as Newsletter. You can still use the newsletter category, but it will move the entry with the calendar link further down the page so people won't see it first. We just chose not to use the Newsletter section for newsletters. This is working for us because we switched to LucidPress software for our newsletter and the electronic version doesn't view well on phone screens. We post the e-newsletter to our website and email out the link so we don't need that section on the app. Does that help?

Would LOVE a calendar section in the app!

A note to Sarah Fotopulos- Our app was just released last week so I am following up on your workaround for the calendar feature embeded in the newsletter.  You idea is fantastic- however, I am having difficulty figured out the best way to view the calendar in the blog entry on mobile devices.  I have tried the embed code and all that shows up is a blank box.  Perhaps my calendar size is too large??  Or maybe you didn't use the embed code, but just an HTML link??? 

Given that this works- this might be an easy way for Sharefaith to, at least temporarily, allow for the calendar feature without eliminating the functionality of the "newsletter".  Perhaps they could add another designated Blog section for "Calendar" that just holds one blog entry- the embeded calendar.


Note to Logan Friess,

The best way I found for viewing the calendar on a mobile device is to go to Google calendar, change the default view to agenda, then use the HTML link. The agenda view is much easier to see than a month or even a week at a time. Hope this helps!

I agree, this would be an easy way for ShareFaith to include a calendar page. Just hope they agree!

Upvote on behalf of member. 

Thank you for the feedback on having your Google Calendar in the app! This is currently being worked on! At this time I do not have an ETA, but I will update you when I do! 

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Hey Guys! 

Stay tuned, we are currently working on this and should be implemented in the next month or so!