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Adding Additional Websites

How do I add more that one website under my current membership? Not  a subdomain, but an additional website for a specific ministry within my Church. Thank you.

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Did you ever get a response for this question.

I have the same question.  How do I add an additional website to our church one?

I have the same problem.

I need to know this as well

Hello everyone! Your Sharefaith membership allows you to have up to 4 separate websites with your account so long as all sites are pertaining to your church and its ministries. To add additional websites, you will need to add the domain name to your hosting control panel first, by either registering it or adding it as a domain you already own and pointing the DNS records to us, later. Once the domain is added, you will need to contact Sharefaith support by email at and let us know which domain name(s) you want the new website(s) on and which template you would like installed for each one. We will then install those for you and let you know as soon as we're finished so you can login to work on the new website.

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