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Sharefaith & Wordpress

Our church is fixing to do the complete upgrade with sharefaith, but I have a question before we make the change. I want to be able to use a wordpress theme. Is it possible to utilize a previously purchased theme within our sharefaith site. I currently host our domain name as well. So I'm looking for some clarification before I start the process.

Ho John, since SF isn't answering, I'll answer for you. 

The SF WordPress system will NOT allow you to use your own or custom themes. There is however quite a few different styles to choose from. They also limit the plugins you can access due to theme compatibility and security issues. So, you have to do manual installs for most plugins and can't use some altogether due to conflicts & permission restrictions. 

As far as your domain is concerned, you will just have to update the Nameservers to point to the ShareFaith servers. It's pretty quick and easy.

Thanks Mike. They did respond by email, since I posted here and submitted a ticket. I actually decided to go a different route, altogether. I'm having to learn WP, but in the end, I'm sure I'll be happy. I already host our domain, so this seemed like an easy solution.
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