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What are your favorite plugins that are enhancing your SF site?

I just wanted to get an idea of some of the WP plugins that other users have found that work well to really enhance their SF site. Here's a few that we are using...

  • WP Tiles - displays blog posts or images in a variety of styles. We're using it to show off our latest blog posts.
  • Truth - converts all of our Bible references to links.
  • The Events Calendar - rather than having an embedded Google calendar, which I think looks cheap, this is a bit more sleek and has some pretty powerful capabilities.
  • WP Video Lightbox - creates linked pop-up videos instead of embedding them.

So, I've been searching for some plugins for various things - tabbed content, image galleries, image sliders, images that have hover text over them.  All sorts of ways to put more content or attractive links to content in a concise and professional way.  These plugins cost a lot of money and I hate to pay for something that might not work with, today I kicked myself when I remember my number one resource for anything webdesign - Rockettheme.  I've been a member with them for...10 years? Give or take.  SO, today I finally went there and downloaded and installed their all-in-one most AMAZING plugin ever - Roksprocket.  It can do EVERYTHING I've been looking for, plus more.  IT'S AMAZING...Rockettheme Wordpress Plugins

Now, I'll be honest, in about five minutes I quick rigged a widget with it and threw it up on my needed a little work.  I may have to tweak a thing or two to make it look right (since rockettheme templates come with special styling code built in), but...I'm super hopeful.  They also have several other plugins, and here's the best news - THEY ARE FREE.  Yup.  FREE.  You won't find a more professional and nice plugin for any amount of money. I use this on every website I design (typically Joomla).  I'm very new to Wordpress, but I'll let you know what tricks I find.  Hope this helps!

If only I could use their templates here...

I'm using the Events Calendar as well, I really like it vs. the Google Calendar. Also I'm playing around with MailPoet (Newsletter plugin), but it has it's challenges trying to post recurring events from Event Calendar.

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