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Non-admin accounts for media teams

It would be great to be able to create a media-team sub-account that does not have access to all of the admin features, billing, teacher accounts, etc so that a church tech department can download media without having the accidental authority to screw up a church's whole account.

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Yes, I have been thinking about this for sometime now as well.


Absolutely! I would love this for our teams.  

I already put in a support ticket about this, but adding my opinion here.  We need this.

We do need this!  We have others that use ShareFaith (Teachers for example) that would like to use the images.  

I couldn't agree more on this option! Please add this!

Hey Guys! 

I have some great news! This has been implemented. It also allows you the ability to grant access to specific portions of the account! Here is a tutorial to explain more: Create or Add Administrator Accounts

Thank you for all the great feedback! Have a blessed day!