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Increase Font size on the connect page for the mobile app?

Does anyone know how to increase the font size on the connect page in the mobile app?  When you open the mobile app, the font on the connect page is extremely small.  Any suggestions?



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Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that there was a recent update where you can hold your finger on the screen over the text area and select a larger or smaller print. We plan to have an update in the future where an on-screen prompt can display to demonstrate this to your app users so they will know. 

Ok, I actually emailed Mount Nelson.  They said they couldn't remember if there was a way to change the font size, but I didn't see one.  They did show me where you can add bold text, spacing, and alignment options.  She said it was in the video tutorials, but I guess I didn't find that one.  In the app editing screen, when on the "home" page, click the edit button and it will pull up more options for styling the text.  Thanks! 

One of the churches that hosts with you - Mount Nelson - has bold headers and sections in their home page text.  I attempted to use html tags, but nothing worked.  I'd really like to know how to add some style to this text please.

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