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No More Dates on Graphics!

I don't know why somebody includes the date on a slide making it unusable for future dates.  I know it is possible to remove this using professional graphic software, but I'm not that advanced.  Is there an easy way to remove a single item from a graphic? I could cover it up with a filled in textbox using the current year, but it would not blend in to look good enough for my standards.  I've seen it on Graduation backgrounds, Memorial Day, Mother's Day, so it is a major issue to me.

Example of Slide with Date

I use the scripture references and scripture slide. A theme slide without scripture reference is usually included in the set which is great too.

I agree that adding dates and even Scripture references are very frustrating.  There are so many graphic that are unusable to me because I am not using that specific reference.  Designers are still adding on all new bulletin covers for sure.  PLEASE take out the references also.  I can add in my own to fit my need.  

Hello Bryan,

If you have Photoshop or access to a program that can read PSD files, then you can simply download the Photoshop file and change the date or remove it completely. We are making sure that our designers don't add specific dates on any future graphics.

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