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Announcement Integration

So I'm not sure how many other churches are in this boat, but I'm doing my best to push our church's communication into the digital age. To make a long story short, my most recent mission has been to integrate announcements with specific web pages (either on our site or not), social media, email addresses, perhaps even videos down the road. By integrate I mean I want to take a piece of paper (where our announcements started) and have an identical or close to it version on our website to where people can see it, click emails and hyperlinks, and perhaps even see a video down the road. 

I've successfully taken the Publisher document I make the announcements on and published it as a PDF where I can make links clickable. But this obviously makes people download the PDF to work. 

Could there be any way to get this PDF onto the site, without downloading, as well as make these things interactive? Right now I just change the PDF file type to a JPEG and then post the announcements onto a blog post each week. It works for people who want to go to the site and see them but is pretty 2-D. 

Any pointers or tips? I LOVE Sharefaith and have been very happy with the site function, customer service, photos and other materials. So keep up the good work! 


IMHO, you don't need the site announcements to match the paper ones that closely.  I think if you use similar fonts/colors/images, they will be close enough.  I don't know how often you want to upload these announcement documents, but typically, we just add a new announcement graphic/blurb/blogpost/video for each event or piece of information we're sending out.  That's kind of what the "Newsletter" blog portion of the websites and app here are for.  You just do a new blog post with the "Newsletter" category and have them set to expire when the event is over, or the information no longer applies.  Then people open their app, or go to the "Newsletter" portion of your site and can click on the announcement post with the information they are looking for.

Hi, This may be a little late but, on our site we use an interactive "button" that we link to a pdf for flyers or announcements or newsletters.  We also use these buttons to link to other pages within the site or even our youth site.  The other person that works the site created the graphic and then we just use the same button, throughout the site.  We just keep a blank one in our library and then edit it in "sidekick" to label it. Link it and we're done.  It saves space and is easy to see and calls attention to the item. 

I hope this helps.

Maria's idea is great - but you could also save your publisher file as an image, right? If so, just paste the image into a blog post and then you have the viewable content. 

You can then hyperlink that image to any relevant pages on your website.

Just a thought...

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