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Title on a link?

Is there a way to put a title on a link, either a link to a webpage or a mailto link? This is what shows when you hover over the link.

I got some showing up when I did a copy/paste of some text including mailto links from my old website, but when creating a new link, I can find no way to insert the title text.


I just realized that my link box does not look the same as in your illustration. My link box has "URL" and "link text", not "URL" and "Title". I don't know why that would be and if that makes a difference. The "link text" contains the text that was highlighted to make the link. If I change it, what displays on the screen also changes.




What I'm asking is how to make the title attribute, where some text shows when you hover over the link (in my case, for example, "email John", where the link is and the text is "John Smith". I did some copy/paste of text we had on our old website that had links like these, and the title attribute came over with it, although I can't see it to edit it. But I'm creating a new entry and can't make the title attribute. (In HTML, it would be bracket-a href="mailto:" title="email John" close-bracket bracket-slash-a-close bracket. All I get with the link is bracket-a href="mailto:" close-bracket bracket-slash-a-close bracket.)

Hi Terry!

I would be glad to help! From the editing toolbar (the green one) You will see what looks like a chain link. Click that. There in the URL past your link or mailto link you want to use. Then in the Text write what you want it to say. 

Link to a Webpage

You can easily add a link to your website that links to another page on your site or a different website.

Edit the page you would like to add the link to.

Highlight the phrase or click on the image that you would like to make a link.

Click on the Insert/edit link icon in the toolbar:

Type in the link URL of where people should be directed (make sure to include the http://):

If you want the link to open in a separate tab or window so that the visitor doesn't leave your page or website, then you can mark the checkbox that says Open link in a new window/tab.

If the link is to a page or post on your website, you can also click Or link to existing content to quickly search for the page or post and then click on it to automatically link to its URL address.

Click the Add Link button

Update or Publish your page

Link to an Email Address

If you would like to link to or add an email address to a page on your site so that when a visitor clicks on it, it will open up their email client and automatically insert the email address into the "To:" field, then follow these steps: 

Type in the email address onto the page (e.g.

Click on the Insert/edit link icon in the content editor (this is the same icon used to add a hyperlink to your page).

Remove the http:// from the popup window and type in mailto: followed by the email address: 

We recommend that you make these links open in a separate tab or window by marking the checkbox that says Open link in a new window/tab.

Click the Add Link button.

I hope that helps! Have a great day!

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