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Oh..My..Goodness people!! Have you been reading our newsletters?

We are just about ready to launch:

Sharefaith Giving
It is what you have all been asking for and more!
Here is a recap of our last 4 Newsletter articles in case you missed them:

Radically Improve Your Church Tithing With Sharefaith Giving

Less than 15% of church-going Christians tithe. Pastors need to teach their churches and talk to them about the Biblical principle of giving. Sharefaith Giving helps churches tap into the 85% that don't tithe, and provides them with every means possible to make giving simple, secure and easy. Along with providing ongoing teachings on the principles of tithing, pastors can use Sharefaith Giving to provide their congregations with text-giving, mobile giving, online giving and event registration. Bring that all together in a beautiful dashboard where you can create, manage and monitor all funds and donors. No additional app download needed. Setup in minutes, receive and give in seconds. It could not be simpler!



Sharefaith Giving Makes Event Registration A Breeze

One of the many cool and free features of Sharefaith Giving is Event Registration. What's that you ask? Well, if you ever held a paid event, you know the importance and need for ease, simplicity and security during signup, payment and registration. Sharefaith Giving's event registration platform is very versatile, easy and fast. You can build and share event signups, monitor registrants and even add discounts, all in realtime. In the same simple way you would create and share a giving/payment form, you would do a registration form. No setup fees, no monthly fees, just a small 3% transaction fee applies. Simply build and share the registration form on your app, website and social media.


Sharefaith Giving Is Priced Perfectly. So Perfect - It's Free!

With the launch of Sharefaith Giving fast approaching, you may be wondering about pricing. Sharefaith Giving is based on a 3% transaction fee. Your donors can even cover that for you. There are no startup fees. No monthly fees. No annual fees. No statement fees, no gateway fees, no PCI fees, no batch fees. If you'd like to opt-in for the optional text-giving, you'll pay $10/m, which covers your unique and custom phone number, as well as all texting fees.


Website Integration, Text Giving, & Event Registrations! 

Sharefaith Giving will make tithing, website and event registration easier!

With Sharefaith Giving, we'll make it incredibly easy to offer an easy solution to online and mobile tithing for your weekly church services. Plus when you have a special event or guest speaker for example, you can set up special registration and accept payment in minutes. And we'll even offer the optional text-tithing feature where after signup, tithing literally takes only seconds to complete, it's as easy as that!




It's free to all Sharefaith Members, regardless of your membership plan. Don't miss out on this amazing new product from our trusted and award-winning company. 


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 Hello  Giving Webinar that was done on Nov 19th was it recorded? Is there a link to it? Looking for more info or a demo?


New Life Church.

Hi Henry! 

We do have the Webinar posted on our YouTube Channel. Here is a link to it: Sharefaith Giving Training Webinar.

You can also check out our Sharefaith Giving FAQs and our Sharefaith Giving web page. 

Please let us know if you have any further questions. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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