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Printable lessons for ShareFaith Kids

Some volunteers don't use technology.  I'd like a way to print the Sunday school lessons for them please. 

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This is so awesome to announce to you all!! You now have the ability to print out the Content on Sharefaith Kids!! 

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PLEASE!  This would be great!

Hi Chris. We are new to share faith for our children's church materials and Yes all of our children's church teachers would like to have the ability to print out all the materials. We meet in a local school that prevents use of Internet/hotspot connections so a lot of the features simply do not work for our children's church. Several of us teachers need to print out the lesson in order to write down our own personal notes to customize it to our particular classrooms. Other volunteers don't use technology. We like the lesson formats, however, if we can't get them up & working for children's church this is a deal breaker.Do you have the lessons on CD(or other format) so that we can print out all material and show the video portion on a laptop computer? Thanks for your help

I would love to be able to print out all materials.  Neither myself or the other teachers can print anything.  When you click on print it just goes back to the page and does nothing.

It would be great to be able to print out the materials for the children's class.  Thank you!

Yes, please!  We need a "transcript" of the Sunday School lesson "Content" rather than drop-down menus as some teachers need it printed out rather than accessing it on the web.  We don't want to limit recruiting teachers and would like to keep using Sharefaith.

It is very time-consuming to type out the Lesson Content.

Thank you for your valuable feedback and Feature Request Amy!! You can already print out the script for the video, as well as the activity pages.

How many other Sharefaith members out there would like to have the ability to print out all of their SharefaithKids materials?

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